Saturday, 21 November 2009

Why did we go to mysore?

A weekend trip was in our mind for some time...and mysore came up as the winner place. We all had gone a terrific mysore trip before when ponnu was here so we thouht we will do it again but this time there was an extra member. The team now was me, pinky, abi, showbi, pra and vp.

6 people and one small car(alto), that wasnt a problem anyways. I had to sacrifice my front seat and we had to swipe every 50km. Beer gave us a good company and as aways it was a fun filled drive. As we reached Mysore since we did not plan anything other than going to Mysore, we needed a place to stay. I told the guys not to worry as I am then boss with the contacts everywhere...I scrolled my phonebook and we have a name now 'babu ettan'. babu ettan showed us some hotels that we never expected him to show...we were all laughing and having fun about the condition of the hotel and the rooms but babu ettan never got tired showing them atlast we had to thank him and say bye. The guys had a good time laughing at my contacts of the world but boss did not mind that...we headed staright to Nalapad Residency and got myself and pinky a complimentory room and other guys 15% disc and I am happy now but no the guys werent happy with it and will never accept that I am the boss wherver we go!!!

We went for the party at night..the same disc we went last time. We share a relationship with this disc too, it the place where we were got kicked out last time because ponnu had a good time with the bouncer!!  Anyways the party was good..not much crowd though but since we were so used to the 11:30 shutdown party in bangalore...I started to feel bored at around midnight and so me pinky and pra decided to go bak to the hotel . Our dinner was still on waiting list but I assured the guys that the hotel cofee shop will be open and we can have it from there but when we reached the sleepy guy at the reception told me that the cofee shop was always closed and was never open in the moring too!!!! I was quick to react beacuse I knew if I dont react now the guys will react badly on me so only thing I could do was to shout at them and tell them that I must get something to eat by the time I come back after a round in the city in search for food and the city tour at midnight too did not help us and we had to get satisfied with the corn flakes and milk for dinner!!!

The next day morning we woke up on time for breakfast as everybody was damn hungry...and it was afternoon by the time we took a shower and time for us to go back. Actually you might be wondering why did we go to mysore...and the answer is to photograghs..we managed to take as many as photos as possible, showbi tried his idiotic photographic skills which he thinks is his style of art. Anyways these photos are uploaded in all of our facebooks and I am just sharing a few here!!!!

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