Saturday, 19 September 2009

Happy Birthday Ponnu!!!

Its was ponnus birthday and he is not around....we all did miss him a lot. I tried calling him on 11th on 11:59 to be the first one to wish him but he never answerd his phone..I could understnd that he must be out somewher enjoying the party.

The next day morning while going to office too I tried on afternoon dad told me that he did get him on phone. I did get him on phone later but but he sounded sleepy and when I asked him isnt he partying? he said money n stuffs but later in the evening the truth was revealed that he was not even in malaysia but went to some island near malaysia to enjoy his day...binggo my boy!!! enjoy brother!!

Even I wanted to have fun on his birthday...I did get the guys in department sweets and in the evening abi showbi n pra decided to party at my place. I got parcel from a new joint called costal junction,  we all had some good fish curry, fish masala fry, crab, prawns and lots of beer. we all had good time....happy birthday ponnu!!!

Monday, 14 September 2009

dance unexplored!!!

I wouldn say this is abnormal but I am also feeling sad in saying that this is not normal..we just require a trigger from some end and there we carefully as tathu was out of the scene for sometime but he coudn resist the action and had to contribute with the final step...the cameraperson pinky did a good job in making sure that everyone was there on the move and this can be counted as one of our stupidest act...keep counting!!!!

Friday, 11 September 2009

I am fit now!!!

Its been a long time since I saw the morning so early...its 6 am and I am being pushed kicked in my dream ...and it did not took too long for me to realise that its not my dream but pinky who is doing it to get me out of my bed!!

6:15 am and here I am in my new nike t-shirt which I just loved it and my new nike running shoes and me and pinky hit the roads in her bro's new pulsar which is a real kool bike...we reached gym at 6:30..i liked the gym mainly beacuse its spacious...neat and you have a view. The instructor asked me to do some cardio exercises first before turning myself into hrithik..i humbly agreeed to watever he said. It was not easy to start joggin and moving your muscles especially when you were not doing this for long. I said for long because...when I was in UK I did hit the gym even during those coldest time, but UK gym was a really kool one..there I would only do cardio for half an hour and the rest of the time I would enjoy my time in jacuzzi...the steam bath and the large pool...oh yeah not to mention it was a unisex gym!!!

The workout did made me sweat and red...and we were out of there at 7:40...reached home at 8:00 am and then me and pinky were fighting over who burned more calories!!!! of course I was the man of the match!!!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Ifthar United!!!

The iftar united i must was not just an ifthar party but i got to see a lot of people from my college..faiz invited me n pinky to the party and we were suppose to reach there at 5.30 but i made it right on time at 6.30 and broke the fast which was never taken on time. There was a lot f guys and i found it difficult to roll my eyes over everyone but i manged to say hi to most f them at first hand....after the heavy break...we all had a good chat with everyone...cliked pics...pulled reminded of the good old college days in mangalore.

It was a funny moment when we had to take pics batchwise..i was fortunate to be part of most of the batches. The guys did a great job in organising such a party..they even prepared a good dinner for us...appreciate it guys!!! Its always good to meet up with your guys in school or college often like this..we exchanged numbers...and for me the most important thing was to be friends again with an old friend....felt good..all well ends well!!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

a good long saturday night

It was an unusual saturday night yesterday...abi n pra was caught by police and since they tried to outsmart the police ended up paying 3k to police...even though i managed to go there at around 12 pm my talking skills with police dinn work as abi had already done the damage. abi,pra,tatu were here at my place after that and we were having good time and it lasted til 5 in the morning. most of the talking was about the veer shoor parakrami vp..we laughed a lot..shared some dirty secrets..and pinky drew a picture of showbi which turned out to be looking.

Tatu sporting his nomb beard just wanted to grab something to eat and pinky made sure he dinn get any hehheh...but he did manage to have a good dinner i guess. we even had a nambiar Vs maapila basketbal match which showbi claimed he won!! while leaving showbi flicked my chineese iphone and tatu the cricket bat and not only that the most funny moment was when abi managed not only to steal the police stick from the police bike parked near by flat and also fleed like a petty robber!!!

Saturday, 5 September 2009


Never really got time to post anything ever since i started the blog..lemme put in something with some shots about this onam. It was a very good onam this time..made it special because its my first onam after i got married...onam was as usual at achachans place but this time none of the amaavans were there.Moti uncle was there as defualt..he is an absolute entertainer....This time too during onam me mom dad pinky went to our relatives place and took some good snaps as well. We all had a good tight lunch and I slept off after lunch..I was there at home for four days this always feels good to be at home.