Monday, 30 November 2009


Ponnu is back from malaysia...abi n showbi had gone to malaysia for a break and needless to mention the guys had a wonderful time over there. While coming bak ponnu too decided to come bak home fr some time as he had finished his exms. Malaysia trip was actually planned quite early..even though initial plans included me n pinky in it but later I deided to sacrifice myself by not joining them because I knew it wouldn be as fun for them if me n pinky is around...hehehe.

Ponnu had lost a lot of weight but had maintained a good body...avante oru odukathe glamour!!!He bought me a pair of shoes,shorts and some stuffs for pinky. I really loved the canon camera ponnu had got...and heonly made me more envious by showing it off quite well. He was clicking pics all over and pinky never missed the chance to pose. We called up sahel TM and showbi n decided to sit at k'mangala mocha for ''sorra parayall''. Its a nice kool place too hang out...great sandwitches with my favourite apple sheesha and cutting chai!!! Showbi n pinky started modelling for ponnu and while on the search for pose..ponnu found some naturality missing in them so he asked myself also to join for quite a natural laughter pose but for that to happen we needed a joke and ponnu was quick to utter the most funniest word in the world 'showbi' and we all even showbi himself couldn stop laughing on that and the pic won the extra natural pic award!!

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