Sunday, 27 December 2009

Go coorg...

Pinky at last decides upon her destination girls trip and so I am too confirmed for the coorg trip. After the emotional athyachaar with wifey...I head towards the local bar in airport road named 'ansals'. After couple of drinks and chit chat we board our convertible toyota qualis.

Being the most responsible guy in the lot...I took the front seat to give driver a good company. K.K did not waste any time in servin the next drink and after much hesitation I had couple of them. We started at 10 pm and managed to reach coorg in 6 hours...the homestay guy picked us up from the city to the unexplored remotest place available there but it was definetly a good place with some greenery around and a sexy climate. The driver however wasnt too impressed with anything and seemed to be rude but it was later when I came to know that I 'lost' my responsibility while coming and was literally sleeping on his lap and now I dont blame him to be mad at me hehehhe.

Sleeping has always been my best I slept off again in the morning..this time under the blanket. The guys too found some space...after waking up..and having the lovely rice cake breakfast we head towards exploring coorg and its beauty. Humpy promised that we will be able to take a swim in the abbey falls and so I packed my towel and dress to get wet in the waterfalls...but as always humpys words never work and we were not allowed to get inside the water!!! We clicked some good snaps and headed towars thalakaveri which is the place were kaveri river is born....and we did get to see the river as well as some ppl in the 'born dress'. The drinks kept flowing throughout and I dont remember when it stopped. The night bonfire kept us warm and that did invite the singer in me to sing some songs for the guys to make them feel better and I am sure they did it but sabari missed it because he was tired..the reason of being tired cannot be made public!!!Saga and Rakesh was quietly enjoying the romantic moments between them...we behaved as if we didnt notice anything hehehhe.

The next day we took a morning drive and went to a top of a hill where we were for some quality time...that was all good and we were done for the day...we are ready to hit bangalore now and this time the driver made sure that I sit in the back seat and I didnt have a problem because I slept all the way back and I had company too .....sabari the nath!!! you can all take a tour of the pics here

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Dindu aan thaaram!!

The much awaited time has come...its our best friend dindu's kalyanam!!! Now we are a group of married shabeer n dindu!!! Dindu was always a smart guy..I dont wanna define 'smart' here now though..and talking about marriage avate neenda kaathiripp veruthe aayilla..he got the perfect gal for him...congrats alliya!!!

The kalayanam happened at the richest town in kerala..thiruvalla...we all were there right on time and was waiting to see the puthumaaran. Dindu was looking excited..I told him to control himself as there is lot of time for the night.We all really did have some fun during his wedding....shared some old memories just before his marriage...he said he was ready for the big one now!!! One of the thing we all laughed about before he got married was by seeing his pre-marrige that wasnt just funny. I decided not only to upload that video here...but I tried some adds on on the video and made it like a short fim..I named it "eda dineshaa". Hope you like it...dindu never checks my blog...but this time I got to call him to and ask him to check it out...Iam sure he's gonna completely love it!!!