Sunday, 11 October 2009

Funny horror day!!

Today was shane's marriage but unfortunately me and pinky couldn make it because pinky had her exams..I dropped her at the exam centre in the morning..came back home ..organised my wardrode...took the rotten stuffs from the fridge...took a nice good shower and went back to pick her.

We had decided to have the lunch ouside....I called up showbi n abi to check if they woke up ..and yes good news..showbi was awake and abi was movin his ass. we decided to meet up for lunch, we went to brigade...abi n showbi said they wil join us n pinky did some shopping..and aftr the guys came we had a good tight lunch from and rice. it was really filling ...and I just wanted to sleep but then we had so much time in hand we decided to go for a movie at night...pinky suggeted orphan right away...and the first big NO came from showbi..atlast we dumped prtithwiraj and decided orphan...I tried my new software in my phone called npay through which you can book tics and do a lot off stuff.

After the heavy lunch...we headed for bowling at  a wainting list for bowling so we went for for games..we played air hockey which I won ...showbi n me decided to play car racing two player and since he operated the machine only he ended up playing and I looked at the demo car playin by itself!!! pinky and abi too played the racing...abi became tired if of it and took a reverse and parked the car at the starting point. Then we played basketball which was suppose to end after a few shots but since one ball was kept coming through the slot  and we kept n playing untill the staff came from the back the took it away!!!!

The bowling was showbi and abi...showbi started spinning the ball and it would only spin after it passed through all of them...and most of them were wide but yeah he did mange to get some good shots. Abi was practising through the emply lane most of the time and gave an excuse that his hand wasnt quite well...anyways as u guys can guess by now that I was the winner!!! I had even got a picture of the scorecard which abi was smart enuf to delete from my phone..but do check out the video I've got. Intrestingly this is the only video we took and this is the only full strike me and abi got and poor showbi had to get satisfied with a wide!!!

Then we went to baristaa...had a cold cofee and decided to spend some time over there coz we had enuf time for the movie. Pinky came up with an unusual kallan and police game which became really interesting and we were having good fun..time was never a problem then. Time for the movie now...we reached forum exactly on time and were ready for the movie. The most funny thing was everyone in the group except pinky is actually anti-horror whch means someone whos really strong!!! Ironically this happened to be the first horror movie for showbi except the bits and pieces of some he saw with his friends in tv at 10 am in the morning.
The movie was beggining to get really exciting and we were actually expecting some real horor horor things to happen but nuthing exactly like that happend but it was still scarry. Me n showbi kept telling each other that its just a movie and they are all actors...hehehehe!!! Anyways the movie was damn good..the characters were perfectly chosen...its strange we sometimes feel that we would like to go back to our childhood..imagine if u r a child but still an that is scary...!! So 4 outta 5 stars to Orphan...go and get the feel of an unusual horror image!!! My day was indeed funny horror!!

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