Saturday, 3 April 2010

I am back..

Its been some three months since I blogged.. and these three months did change my life all around. How I wish to write it and how I wish not be seen by anyone..will an invisible pen work??...anyways inspired by aamir and raising a toss for the lovely movie...aaal ees well now!!

My good old buddy mahs had come down to meet me in bangalore from saudi, I was meeting him after so long and felt so so good meeting him and munni and now he has a baby girl lamar. The only change I found in mahs is the beard he grew and that too because Gillete Mach3 isn't available there in Saudi and he is allergic to other brands!! Unfortunately mine and lamar's first meeting wasn't that exciting as I scared the hell out of her when I jumped and hugged mahs. But later we did got along and became good friends,we all went for shopping...stayed over a resort...and more importantly we went back to college days during our talks which was the most loveliest moments during his stay!!! It was mostly me mahs and pinky who did the talking because munni was busy with some of her own stuffs...laughing..giggling..which never ends!!!
munni surely loved the loved at bbq at indirinagar...she didnt allow to put the 'no more service' flag down!!!
Thats my best friend lamar!!!

After much heard promises and pages long speeches from showbi about going to qatar..he finally flew...but noones sure for how long..anyways showbi macha...we miss u like hell man...wat the %%**## are you doing over there you fool...Baby sitting!!

My friends gave us a ''known'' surprise party for our anniversary....we enjoyed a quite romantic one indeed!!! thank you guys...u guys rock!!
My birthday cake was cut on road side ..on top of my car....with not only my friends but auto guys screaming happy birthday for me ....a lovely experience for me!!!
Last year me and abi went to pra's office at around 2 am and  told the security guy that his grandpa expired and get him out of office just for fun..but this time we were serious..we did the same thing to smash the cake on his face all was his bday!!!

Bangalore life is vaccum if you dont have any friends around..I was lucky that since the time I came to bangalore..they were always there for all good fun!!! I wonder how life will be if you dont have friends....and I also wonder why we all are in this world so let me keep both these wonders in the same level!!! Some of my good friends at the Leela quit and thus we partied a lot during times....Sabari is a real good friend.. Recently we partied at beach for Humpy's was very late and we were left with no food to eat except when a 5 star thatukada was open and tummy sent a text message with a smiley sayin thanks!!!

Sabari's party was our boss's place and was kool....naan kurach over aayo yann ullu shamsayam yante suhurthukall pinne yanne ariyichu....I started being careful after that...for me not every day..but every party is a lesson!!!

The pic below is rakesh with his friend goofy the ghost, If you guys have seen the hindi movie click you would believe me, rakesh has been roaming around with this spirit for a while so guys dont mistake him to be mad if you find him speaking to himself, he's just doing timepass with his ghostly friend..hum tum aur ghost.

The day before pinkys bday my collegues planned for a bike trip to nandi hills...Me n pinky too joined even though it was very difficult to get up in the morning and but my 1989 bullet was all ready and glowing now, The plan was to go in the morning and come back by afternoon and then do pinkys birthday shopping and make the day happy!!!...but nothing worked out as planned...all undesired and things I hate happened in my life happened at the right time and didnt miss a name a few: started late.. in the afternoon, bullet ko kisi aur ne bullet maar diya..engine garam huaa, friends bike puncture, highest temperature recorded in city, reached home late and the worst thing ever to happen to a married man..wife irritated on her bday!!! n what happened in nandi hills..nothing...absolutely nothing...we loose and who won..the monkey who snatched away the snacks we bought to eat..great job buddy!!! For those who wish to go to nandi hills..its sure a great place to chill out but only in the evening when the sun goes sleeping and when the sun wakes up...!!!!

As every story ends with a message ...Let me end this one with a sorry to one of my good friend with whom I misbehaved...I wish him all the best and dude I still love you....this video is dedicated to you!!

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